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Realistic Recipes for Every Meal You'll Make

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salmon and lox on crackers

Exciting news: my first-ever piece for The Toast is live today! Check it out and feel free to share your thoughts!

I'm proud to see a piece featured on a website that I frequent almost daily. Mallory's witty and snappy commentary is something I aspire to, not necessarily in an I-must-emulate-her-style kind of way, but reading her work often acts as a case study on humor.

If it isn't obvious, Recipes is a semi-autobiographical, self-depreciating jab at my lack of culinary prowess inspired by the thousands (exaggerating, maybe) of recipes I've attempted to recreate. I'm not 100% convinced that this foible is the result of user error even though cooking is easiest way I have found to make myself feel incompetent. Recipes are flawed creatures, thriving on the confusion it generates through vague instructions and frustrating measurements, much like IKEA furniture assembly instructions. Read my piece and see if you don't agree.