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2022 - Those Who Scream: A Novel by 30 Authors by Thirty West Publishing
2022 - A Gift Repaid 206 Word Stories: A Horror Anthology by Bag of Bones Press
2021 - Sleepover Seance It Came from Beneath the Ink, an R.L. Stine Tribute Anthology by ELJ Editions


2022 - A Woman Alone in a Lighthouse - coming soon
2022 - Locker Assignments Can Be a Matter of Life or Death - Final Girl Bulletin Board
2022 - Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothing Off (But Lying Naked is Even Better) rawrXD contest by GUTSLUT PRESS
2020 - Shadow Self Deadhead Reviews / Divination Hollow Reviews
2015 - Realistic Recipes for Every Meal The Toast
2014 - M.A.S.H for Adults The Rumpus